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Mr. Al-Sabbagh is a Managing Partner at Kayan Law, with more than 30 years in the legal field. Mr. Al-Sabbagh’s extensive legal writing and analysis skills equipped him to provide sound legal advice on corporate, commercial, and dispute resolution matters., in addition, Mr. Al-Sabbagh has been appointed to the Royal Committee to Modernise Political System in Jordan, whereby he has been entrusted to modernize the country’s political system focusing on presenting draft laws regarding the election and political parties.

In addition to his role as a qualified attorney, Mr. Al-Sabbagh has and currently is occupying managerial roles as a board member at several public shareholding companies including Al-Rai News Paper Pls and Electric Distribution Company Pls. In which he establishes the organization’s strategic direction and priorities; monitors organizational performance, and provides in-depth legal consultations.

Mr. Al-Sabbagh has extensive experience working on local and international contentious and non-contentious cases. He acted for several international clients across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, mining, finance, construction, and investment. Mr. Al-Sabbagh’s in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of his practice, allowed him to win the trust of his clients to act and represent them in different practice groups. Mr. Al Sabbagh represented clients in high stake litigation cases, focusing on high-net-worth commercial, property, and contractual litigation disputes.

He also represented prominent national and international corporations in the pharmaceutical, health, automotive, industrial, and agricultural sectors; advised and acted on behalf of governmental and non-governmental agencies; presented lectures in several governmental and non-governmental workshops on topics including amending the Jordanian Judiciary System at the Judicial Institute of Jordan; provided training for newly appointed judges at the Judicial Institute of Jordan, and participated in legislation amendment projects at the Jordanian Legislation and Opinion Bureau.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Al-Sabbagh was the president of the Military Court of Jordan for over 5 years, during which he became a point of contact in addressing public policy issues relevant to court proceedings. Before becoming a judge, he was a Military Public Attorney whereby he represented the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in various types of national cases including money laundry and corruption.

Maher Badran


Mr. Badran is a Managing Partner at Kayan Law and spearheads the Dispute Resolution Department. He has an in-depth knowledge of the region’s commercial, corporate and regulatory laws as well as a practical understanding handling complex-cases both locally and internationally. His legal experience exceeds 20 years in representing clients on multijurisdictional cases based in Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt as well as Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and France.

Mr. Badran handled arbitration cases, which cut across a wide range of sectors including energy, finance, consumer, construction, and healthcare. In addition to arbitration, his practice focuses on high net worth commercial, property, and contractual disputes – including construction claims for a value of JOD 37 million, renewable energy disputes over canceled consulting services, and other monetary claims. Maher represents clients in all phases of litigation before the Jordanian courts and all types of arbitration cases. In addition to arbitration, his practice focuses on high net worth commercial, property and dispute over cancelled consulting services and other monetary claims.

Maher has become a key reference point for clients wishing to attain advice on regulatory and contractual issues concerning joint ventures, partnerships, and public companies. He has been nominated by the Courts of Jordan as a legal expert in multiple high-profile and complex cases in the region, including those affecting public morality and those requiring a legal assessment of awarded damages in unprecedented circumstances. He has an extensive experience in the banking sector as he is representing number of clients in lawsuits against banks in Jordan.

Before establishing Kayan Law as one of the founders, Mr. Badran was the legal director of Eversheds Sutherlands Amman office, and previously, he was a partner at Issa Dallal and Associates, in which he led the litigation and arbitration Department. Mr. Badran has become a key reference point for clients wishing to attain advice on regulatory and contractual issues concerning company structures, corporate governance joint ventures, partnerships, and public companies.

Mr. Badran has been nominated by the Courts of Jordan as a legal expert in multiple high-profile and complex cases in the region, including those affecting public morality and those requiring a legal assessment of awarded damages in unprecedented circumstances.



Jumana Telfah is a partner at Kayan Law and leads the corporate & commercial team. She is a qualified lawyer experienced in litigation and arbitration with 20 years of national and international experience of partnering with clients, providing corporate and international legal guidance, with high-level negotiations, commercial transactions, and contracts.

Providing expert advisory services to different corporate clients in different legal aspects, drafting contracts and agreements while identifying problems and delivering best solutions. Detailed knowledge of corporate legal practices and procedures while ensuring adherence to current case laws, regulations, and legislations.

Mrs. Juman advises clients on transactions of many sectors, including but not limited to: real estate, pharmaceuticals, energy, commercial agents and intermediaries, media, advertisement, education, mergers, acquisitions and transactions of national and trans-national enterprises and micro fund.

Her experience includes drafting and reviewing different types of agreements and contracts such as but not limited, joint venture agreements, non-disclosure agreements, shareholders agreements, commercial agency agreements, distribution agreements, copyright and trademark agreements, lease agreements, service agreements including SLA, distribution agreements, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, management agreements and other various types of contracts and agreements that support the business operation of the clients.

One of Jumana’s many notable achievements was her role in providing strategic and consultation to the World Bank Group in the preparation of the “Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform Report.”



Mr. Al-Lozi is a Partner at Kayan Law with extensive experience in drafting agreements and contracts, providing legal advice and consultation to national and international NGOs on matters pertaining to establishment, operation, de-registration and compliance with business laws.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in the drafting of agreements and contracts, and has provided expert legal counsel and consultation to both national and international entities.

Mr. Al-Lozi is a licensed professional bilingual lawyer, who is well-qualified to work in Arabic and English at a professional level. His expertise consists of legal consultancies, companies’ registration including free and development zones, joint ventures, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, labour matters, income and sales tax legal matters, drafting and amending legislations including those related to investment and economic development.

Mr. Al-Lozi has also demonstrated a dedication to community service through his volunteer work with the Creative Chain Non-Profit Organization, and has participated in the National Model United Nations.



Ja’far Al-Sabbagh is a dual-qualified lawyer, qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales and an Attorney-at-Law in Jordan. He has obtained both his LLB and LLM from the University of Liverpool.

Mr. Al-Sabbagh has extensive transactional experience advising clients in various sectors. He has particular expertise with clients in trade finance, commodities, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, logistics and aviation as well as hospitality, and retail. He works closely with start-ups guiding them from setting up to becoming their external general counsel.

Mr. Al-Sabbagh ‘s transactional practice includes advising clients with respect to general corporate commercial matters, mergers and acquisitions, and general finance. He advises a wide range of clients, from business start-ups to established companies, as well as high net-worth individuals and family businesses, on all aspects of corporate transactions. His areas of expertise include corporate restructuring and commercial transactions, locally and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder relations, corporate governance and compliance and general commercial advisory.

Jafar’s experience includes negotiating and drafting of key transaction documents, such as share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, investment agreements, joint venture agreements, due diligence reports, management consultancy agreements, and general commercial agreements.

Ja’far also represents multijurisdictional corporations in high stake commercial and business disputes and is primarily responsible for a number of contentious litigation and arbitration cases. His experience involves successfully representing clients in contentious disputes in values exceeding (20) Million JOD, preparing the defense for an agency commission claim (value of US$3 million), drafting the needed notices as well as legal documents in respect of trademark infringement, negotiating and successfully concluding a favorable settlement (value of more than JOD 500,000), drafting and reviewing all related documents with respect to an arbitration claim (total value of US$10 million).

Prior to joining Kayan Law, Mr. Al-Sabbagh was an Associate at Eversheds Sutherlands, whereby he was involved in a wide range of commercial transactions and disputes including employment law, property law, medical negligence, monetary claims, the law of tort, intellectual property, company disputes, commercial agency contracts, construction and criminal complaints, theft, blackmail, mistrust, and cybercrimes.



Rafiq is a Senior Associate at Kayan Law with over ten years of extensive experience in litigation cases. Specializing in civil and commercial law, banking and insurance law, he’s admitted to represent clients before all courts in Jordan.

Rafiq’s expertise extends beyond the courtroom as he advises and represents local and international clients on complex contracts, dispute resolution, real estate, shareholder agreements, telecommunications, and monetary compensation arising from lawsuits. With an impressive track record of resolving numerous cases through courts, meditation, and settlement, he’s become a go-to expert in risk management, pre-litigation resolution, and litigation avoidance.

As a skilled corporate lawyer, Rafiq represents a diverse portfolio of national and international companies in business incorporation and licensing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance cases. He’s known for his proficiency in handling cases related to individuals, and companies and has appeared before the courts in numerous successful cases.

With Rafiq’s expertise, our clients can be confident that their legal matters will be handled with the utmost precision, professionalism, and expertise.



Lujain is an Associate in the Corporate/Commercial division at Kayan Law where she possesses a wealth of experience in the areas of banking and company matters. She has represented a number of clients, including notable institutions such as Bank Al-Etihad, Nuqol Automotive, and a plethora of other companies in the Companies Control Department.

Lujain has demonstrated her legal acumen by appearing before various governmental institutes in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, successfully representing her clients and resolving a plethora of Corporate/Commercial matters while keeping her clients abreast of any relevant matters pertaining to their entities.

Furthermore, Lujain has demonstrated a mastery of the art of contract drafting, utilizing her previous litigation background to tailor contracts and agreements that are specific to her clients’ needs. She also provides a plethora of legal consultations, informing her clients of their legal positions and ensuring that they are fully informed and equipped to make sound decisions for their entities.



Basem is Trainee Lawyer at Kayan Law with exceptional legal representation and services, driven by profound understanding of legal intricacies and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a proven track record in court hearings, Basem skillfully represents clients, showcasing courtroom prowess and persuasive advocacy. Basem’s meticulous approach is evident in drafting compelling legal documents, reflecting exceptional writing skills and attention to detail.

Precision defines Basem’s execution in enforcement cases, ensuring strict compliance to safeguard client interests. In addition, Basem’s expertise extends to contract drafting, spanning various agreements such as Service Contracts, Sales and Purchase Agreements, and Employment Agreements, underscoring adherence to high legal standards and robust frameworks.

In negotiations, Basem secures favorable terms for clients, leveraging strong negotiation skills and legal acumen.



Nazem is a trainee associate at Kayan Law, Nazem has extensive experience in handling a diverse range of disputes, representing both corporate entities and individuals. His primary focus is on providing advisory services and handling litigation cases in civil, commercial, and employment matters, along with other areas of law.

In addition to his regular tasks of creating claims, defenses, notices, and legal documents, Nazem possesses expertise in trial advocacy throughout all stages of litigation. Particularly, he has specialized knowledge in resolving disputes related to the banking industry.

Moreover, Nazem has significant experience in non-contentious matters, which involves drafting and negotiating agreements, as well as providing day-to-day legal advice to clients. His sector-specific expertise encompasses banking, insurance, construction, and criminal law.



Hadeel is a Trainee Lawyer at Kayan Law fully engaging herself within various esteemed law firms, while gathering insights from seasoned legal practitioners and developing a profound comprehension of intricate legal matters, whereas her invaluable experience has significantly contributed to the cultivation of her proficiency in matters pertaining corporate and commercial transactions encompassing domains such as Companies Law, Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Telecommunications Law, Cybersecurity Law, Associations Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, and Labor Law.

Hadeel’s passion resides in the ever-evolving sphere of intellectual property, contracts, and other legal intricacies distinctive to digital landscape. Her focus extends to investments and joint ventures, where she provides strategic guidance to clients seeing to navigate these complex areas of the law.

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