Dispute Resolution

(A) Litigation

We have a wealth of litigation experience in all Courts in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our litigation team has extensive experience in civil and criminal cases. We offer a genuine understanding of the local legal and business cultures, combined with international levels of service and genuine experience, making us an attractive proposition for multinational clients.

We are well known for our expertise in litigation, having handled some of the most prominent cases in Jordan. The firm experience includes representing International Construction Companies, Multinational telecommunication companies, regional aviation company, hospitals, schools, and number of NGOs whilst acting in a wide range of disciplines, including employment law, property law, medical negligence, monetary claims, the law of tort, intellectual property, company dispute, commercial agency contracts, construction and criminal complaints; theft, blackmail, mistrust, and cybercrimes.

Our team handles some of the most complex proceedings. We have collaborated with law firms in the United States, Europe and in the Middle East on several international cases and have established a global network spanning across multiple countries. This network allows us to handle international proceedings with precise coordination and provides us with the technical expertise and capability to conduct all types of litigation in different countries.

(B) Arbitration

From drafting arbitral agreements and assisting clients with arbitral proceedings and enforcement of arbitral awards, the firm arbitration practise provides legal services at all stages of the arbitration process. We also have a strong domestic and cross-border experienced arbitration team, acting for a wide range of local and international companies in high value and complex arbitrations with values exceeding US$45m, acting as arbitrators and conducting arbitrations both in Arabic and English. Our comprehensive services include dedicated advice in arbitration law and practice, drafting arbitration clauses, enforcement of arbitral awards and advocacy before international tribunals and national courts.

We are familiar with the commercial arbitration rules that have been established by National Laws, and the Middle East as well as the rules of international arbitration centres including the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), and the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA). We also handle investment arbitration disputes and have been involved in arbitral proceedings that have been conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

When serving as counsels to clients in domestic and international arbitral proceedings, we provide comprehensive and strategic representation in order to reach an efficient and cost-effective resolution to the dispute.

Our experience in the aspect of arbitration includes:

  • Drafting arbitral agreements
  • Giving a pre-arbitration assessment of the dispute
  • Providing representation and advocacy during arbitral proceedings
  • Enforcing arbitral awards
  • Handling negotiations and settlements at all stages of the arbitral proceedings

Our lawyers act as party-appointed experts and tribunal-appointed experts in order to report on specific legal issues that arise during the litigation and arbitration proceedings. All our reports fall in line with the highest legal standards and can be submitted in Arabic and English.